Saturday, November 8, 2008


Heres the Holy War possey. Taryn, me, Kyle and T.J.! T.J. spent the first night there all alone so we could be at the front of the line (what a good guy huh!) and we joined him after class on friday morning. That guy behind us was our next door neighbor and he was so funny! He was wearing this huge orange coat that looked like the michelin man and these huge nasty boots with like neon construction gloves haha! He was pretty much the leader of the riots that night.

This is the beginning of the night when we still had a space heater to keep us warm so we were happy. First the circuit blew then after some extreme team work we got enough cords to get around the building. Sadly some security rent-a-cop needed to feel powerful so he cut the power and left hundreds of people to freeze. Awesome.

This guy is the Utes football coach! He came with some other important dudes and they passed out Pie Pizzas to all of us that were in the front of the line. It was terrible timing though cuz Tarn had just bought us 2 hot and readys. Oh well, it was a nice thought!

This is the angry mob confronting the people ahead of us that kept having people show up last minute and cut in line. It was crazy, like every half an hour people would get bored so they would go make them feel like dirt for cutting in line haha! It was awesome entertainment seriously ALL night long

This is Taryn and me. This is our mad face cuz we were also very upset at the cutters. we were the rebel rousers! 


ma said...

such mean faces- its a wonder that the cutters didn't run away in fear!!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

lol, omg! that's so freaking cool! like the whole thing, i find it AWESOME! . . cool!. .one more thing on my dbid(do before i die) list.. it was pretty cold here last night, i could faintly see my breath & i definitely put on a sweater!

NatBelka said...

YOu suckers I am still basking in the sunlight!:)