Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday Night on the Streets

So tickets for the u of u vs byu game went on sell this morning at 8am, and let me tell you there are alot of fans haha! this is only one tiny part of the line friday night. Someone counted and by like 6:30 there was over 160 tents! And thats not including the bunch of people that just brought cots and blankets. Luckily our friend camped out for two nights so we were like 7th tent in line :)

The kids next to us came prepared! The kids a couple tents back from us brought a huge screen and these big speakers and set up a huge movie for our portion of the line to watch, we only got to watch half of Dumb and Dumber because stupid cop shut off the power. Jerk.

Me and Kyle chillin by the space heater (before the power blew out) after our longboardinging session. It was soooo cold!!!!!!


Rose said...

Cool Sunset! Should be a great game!

NatBelka said...

Dude Mel that is CRazy!!!! How Ironic that they were watching Dumb and Dummer!!! haha