Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pink is for. .

Apparently they have a big thing for breast cancer awareness in college basketball . . yesterday for our game we warmed up in our new "Monsters Fight Cancer" shirts and will do so for our last few games. Shalleen this game was dedicated to your mom.
Me looking a little wide eyed before i went to the dance that i danced with my man at. .

My mom sent me this sign, so this is proof that i did put it on our door the day she sent it! lol

This is Steph, Chelsea-Ann, and donald.. . we fit all four of us, plus our laundry into a small yellow bug and did our laundry at the laundry mat. . it was efficient and nice. . it smelled kinda weird tho. . lol, love ya'll!


fern said...

i hope you appreciate your mom-- she is always thinking of you!! hope you all a great valentines day!! --i have valentines at the house for my girls!!

B/T Frank said...

That's cool that they have the canc awareness stuff going on at a younger age.

Shalleen said...

liz, thanks so much for that! I needed to hear it and it was way sweet of you to think of her! I love you and love your mom too! She's my second mom too so I hope you don't care if I want to share the love... lol. Happy valentines sweetie... a little late.
love ya mean it!

Mel said...

your lookin a little bug eyed my friend. lol ;)

kelsie said...

i have yet to do my laundry away from home...I do it at my parents still... much cheaper that way! :)