Friday, October 10, 2008


So me an shalleenie went to Dal Dal's ski movie up in ogden! It was pretty cool, there were tons of sponsers so there were tons of free give aways. I got these sick skullcandies, a shirt, a hat, some chapstick, a bag, stickers, a poster and an ipod cover (way too small for mine so if you have a mini let me know and you can have it!) from the raffle at the end. It was a crazy cool movie though! Then we went back to Shalleen's lovely apartment and i got to meet all her crazy (and messy) roommates! We made razzberry smoothies and hung out, Yay! I had fun :) Too bad Kels, Annessa and Mernda were too busy tho. Bummer! :(


fern said...

totally sweet!! glad you had fun- did dal make the moola that he wanted??

fivewoods said...

UGH- so sad I missed out- next time for shore I'll be there!!!!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

lol, not as much as he wanted to, he made a little past breaking even.