Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy halloween!!!!

This stinkin blog was being stinkin retarded tonight, and i almost gave up, but i really wanted to show you guys these pictures (wink)! So i pushed through and made it work! did anyone else have that music thing on where we creat a new post? i had to delete all that stuff before i could put anything on it!? wuz up with that?
Anywho these are pics from Saturday night's football game . . um i feel like i haven't posted in awhile, but it's all good, cuz 've LOVED seeing your guys' stuff! :) it makes me super happy and feel closer to ya'll (that roomies southern accent is rubbing off on me!) . . happy halloween! my mom sent me the cow costume! i'll be fully covered (except my udders) while all the other ladies around here will be a little. . ris-kay! (sp?)

This is Rae Rae, Breanne, Chelsea (aka, Beauty School) and me! We worked the first half of the concessions for the football game and our coach paid us $20 each! Saweet! and i sat and ate a sandwhich for like the first 19 minutes! hee hee! . . oh and i was repping our school colors: purple and yellow. . now if i could only try on the gila monster mascot suit.
Same group of girls again. . i got breanne back for my room disaster. :) i hid half of her closet of clothes, turned a bunch of her stuff upside down (thanks carrie) including pictures, and put sticky notes of comments everywhere! haha, she was angry-happy! . . her and brown chelsea took off my mattress again two nights ago . . when i threatend to give them the silent treatment, they wrote a contract that said they would put my room back together if i wouldn't seek revenge and would talk to them. Cute.

Rae and me, then Breanne, chels, sasha, and beauty school. . this is half of the team, we had to stand on the track at half time, cuz they were honoring the fall sports. . i told them we should do a cheer that i got from hunter and EAC-a-fied. . they all said no way. . but then said they would and started practicing it with me, but were gonna leave me hanging as soon as i said, "gimme a G!". . we didn't have time to do it tho. .

This is Bubba. . note, he just finished playing. He's the twins (buddha and tikki's) older brother, he went to Cottonwood. . . and we won, like 47 to 12 vs Scottsdale. . i can't wait for next week, we play Snow College here. I was so stoked to see Muka, but he told me today he isn't traveling with the team cuz he hyper-extended his knee at their last game. BUMMER! ugh. . but vini said mahenri, his cousin plays for them, so i'll get to see him. Snow is #2 in the nation. . lol, i told some football boys i was rooting for snow, my roomie freaked out, but i gotta hold true to my roots. love you all!


Sweet Girl said...

wow that dude is so not cute... I hope your taste improves! just kidding! I think you should start practicing a cheer for Snow next week and see what your roomie and all the rest of the football team does to you! How did your visiting teaching thing go, did they love the poem I wrote! lol

Mel said...

Ooo Baby! He's a hottie pa tottie! Your hair is getting soooo long dude

fern said...

lizzie! i miss seeing your cute face- looks like you are having a great time- stay true to your buds- no matter what school they go to!! love you girlie!!

kelsie said...

Dude... way be yourself... (meaning...) sitting and eating while you are suppose to be working! Same ol Liz! But thats the way, uh huh uh huh, I like it!
JK! I love the pics! And love seeing you! you are hot stuff! I'm so glad you pushed through the deleting process so you could post them for us!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

well, you know kels. . that's how i do! ;)