Monday, October 27, 2008

So, this was my trip down south, over fall break! My roommate has a huge family! As you can see in the picture! And this isn't all of them... these are just the younger ones... we all made cookies! It was way fun!

We also went four wheeling while we were down there! It was sooooooo stinkin fun! I had a blast! Especially riding with the crazy (but safe) drivers! Definately should go together sometime!

Highlight of the trip... I got to milk a cow! This is Belle.. and my roommate Maha...(just so you guys know... her real name is Martha... but everyone just calls her Maha!)

Man... I got skills! It was really cool milking a cow. You all should try it one day! It was on my sister's bucket list... but I was really glad to have gotten to milk a cow at least once in my life!
Peace out dudes!


Mel said...

You should become a farmer haha! You enjoying milking that cow way too much ;)

Lizzie Fizzie said...

did you know that i've milked a cow before? . . or maybe it was a goat. . ? i can't actually recall when or where, but i KNOW that i have. :) cool pics!