Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Two days i did something really drastic.

I deactivated my facebook account.

I know, this is a big step for me. Not many people who are as addicted to facebook as i can just go cold turkey. Cut the cord. The tricky thing about deactivation is after i pushed the button, a page came up with 4 of my friends and pictures of them. It said "Kate will miss you." "Mars will miss you." "Are you sure you want to deactivate?" . . . haha wow, those facebook makers are clever. I thought, "you're right, so many people will miss my status' and pictures and comments." . . but i did it anyways. Truth betold it's only been 36 hours and reactivation is very simple, i just log in. But i just needed a few days of peace, nothing holding me back. Although my electronic void had to be fixed somehow, hence the blogging now. haha . . of course i will probably get back on there soon. How else will the world find out where i'm going to serve my mission? Texting just doesn't cut it anymore. Especially since i don't have 700+ contacts in my phone.

My papers went in Sunday night. I'm stoked.. luckily i have my last week of classes this week to keep me busy and focused, since EVERY teacher thought they'd make a final project due. AND then i have finals all the next week, so i don'thave much time to wait and wonder!

Time to go to Intermediate Macroeconomics! Chow!


fernie said...

i will totally miss your updates!! wait to delete till you go on your mission sista!! your mom has us all counting down the days till you get home - or until she sees you... not sure which! save me a friday and we will all go out to lunch!

Carrie said...

Count me in on the lunch date too! I can't WAIT to see where you serve your mission. so exciting!!

Rose said...

Good luck SweetY!

B/T Frank said...

I just read your post to Ben and he started laughing because your papers will be on the first presidency's desk the same time as our sealing papers. Ben is curious if they will say "hmmmm Elizabeth Sweet and Tera Sweet.... I wonder who is more righteous?!" hahahahaha You really should hear it out of Ben's mouth because I haven't stopped laughing which means I have pee'd a little since baby is sitting right where it shouldn't be!