Sunday, April 3, 2011

Books for thought. . .

Adoption: it's about Love.
If you know me at all, you know i LOVE to read. If i get a good book in my hand i would rather do that than watch a movie or . . a lot of other things

When i was in junior high and high school i would stay up past my encourage bed time and incessitany listen to Cindy's nagging that went, "ELIZABETH, put that book down and turn off the light!!!" .. and after i wouldn't, she'd come in my room and flip the light off. Mind you, this was usually if my dad was working nights .. haha he was the lead discipliner in our family. So sometimes i would literally grab a flashlight (from out of my dad's truck) and read under my blanket. One night i stayed up the Entire night and read a whole book. Luckily the following day was a Saturday. There's just something about being taken into another world and imaging the scenery, feelings, time period, characters that i just love.

Cinda is in my ward and my adoptive aunt! She bought 2 books last week when she was in Nauvoo at their little "Deseret Book" and she lent them to me. The first one i read was about a Boston raised lady who was orphaned and sent to live with her Mormon aunt and uncle in Montrose, IL. The family was headed West to Zion because of the persecussion of the Saints. The family took their covered wagon and traveled through Mt. Pisgah, IA and Garden Grove, IA , two of the places on the Mormon Trail that i visited back in November. I felt so close to the girl as i imagined what these places looked like 150 years ago and what they hold now. It was neat to imagine and read of this fictional character and the Mormon pioneers. The story pointed out that each time a trial was faced, the Saints had faith and positive attitudes that they could get through it! This was a new and different twist, because usually when i think of the faithful pioneers i only think of the heartache and sufffering, which is completely true. . . but they made it to the Salt Lake Valley because they were a happy people, because of the happiness brought to them throught the Gospel and Plan of Happiness.

The other book is an LDS ghost story about a girl in Cochise, AZ who was fixing up an old bed and breakfast. I found it interestingly ironic that the two books had settings occur in the two areas i have been living and going to school for the past 3 years. Cochise College was in our conference. It made me wonder how different my life would have been, if i had not been given the opportunities i have. How would i differ? And how i am that much better.

I miss my family and friends, parties, weddings, Sunday dinners, baptisms . . but i'm learning that part of growing up is going out and experiencing new things. Still i am learning, haha, Tera always told me i was naiive. . but there are things i'm learning that are making me better. I've learned to love people for who they are and realize that not everyone has the same upbringing like i did, but they still turn out to be amazing people, against the odds they had to face. I've learned to not judge as quickly as i once did. I'm grateful for the events which have transpired in my life so far. I'm grateful to know that even though i'm missing out on being close to my family, i'm becoming a better person for my future and i'm grateful they are my family forever. I love my siblings and admire them for who they are and the example they are to me and my parents for their ever continuing support.

I love watching the possey too. They've grown up to be beautiful young women. They have showed me what's important and the married one's have taught me so much about the husband i hope to have.

I suppose i write so much, because i learn so much when i read. I learn of testimonies, people, love, and life. So even if one person reads this blog, i hope you become a better or happier person because of it.

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B/T Frank said...

Yes I read your post the day after you text me.. I thought I posted on it but apparently not! I'm glad that you have been able to get out there and expierence life, meet new people and have adventures that many don't get in their young ages. You'll never regret going away to school and living life while you were young. It's those that don't live it while they're young that regret it the most and then try and do it when they're supposed to be parents and end up looking and acting like a dumb teenager!! ;) hahahaha Guess who I am?! hahaha We're proud of you and your accomplishments sis... you're a gat role model and example for my kids and they all talk about how they are going to go away to college and go on missions like you, Scot, Dallin and Adam. All of my siblings have done well!