Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

In my mind, i live in a very unrealistic world. I believe in happy endings and as Taylor Swift says, am "a true romantic. Always." Some people say i'm gullible, but i like to believe in people. I like to trust in their goodness. Although i believe in a lot of goodness, i realize that life isn't always like the movies. So an incredible thing keeps happening here in Iowa. I've watched my fair share of Lifetime and Hallmark movies throughout the years. I remember one saturday i was the only one home and i watched like 5 Lifetime movies in a row. I'm going to blame that one on my mom. Haha, anyways since i've been here thsoe small towns where everyone knows everyone, where the whole town goes to the high school sports games, where there is a town square with holiday wreaths put up on the light poles and a 'season greetings' signs strewn across the street. The amazing thing that keeps happenin' is that these towns, they're REAL!!! And they're scattered all over in the Mid-west. I'm in awe every time we drive past them, i love it. I love where i grew up and having real stores and being able to drive into the next town in 15 minutes, but there is something magical and adoring in these small towns where they're are farm houses 10 minutes outside of downtown and where people really do go pick out a Christmas tree and cut it down for their tree that year.

Second, I went to Walmart with the May's, the ward family i stayed with for Thanksgiving on Black Friday. We went at 11:30 pm. We hit the deals that occurred at 12:01 am and then got in line and waited so they could get some tv's on sale at 5 am. I read a whole magazine on all things Taylor Swift, she's so adorable i totally want her in the possey, and just killed time. After we were done at Walmart Shelley and Doug (the May parents) and i went to Pimida at 6:00 AM to buy a vcr/dvd, and then hit a store called Farm & Home at 6:30 AM to get their son some john deere toys. As i walked around this farming store, exhausted from being up all night, i noticed a rack of clothes that cowboys and girls would wear. They're were button up shirts, jackets, and cowboy hats. I was drawn to the racks and started wishing for more spending money so i could buy a Carhart coat to keep me warm and fit in with the kids of Osceola. Just like the days of junior high, when i asked for Volcolm t-shirts from my brother, to fit in with kids at Hunter. And then i realized i'd been up WAAAAAAY to long. Sure every girl wants to live on a ranch and be a cowgirl like the girl in FLicka, but was i seriously considering buying a heavy duty farm jacket that Uncle Jack wears????? omg, i was high. hahahah
The whole shopping on Black Friday is good when you want a good deal on all those electronics. Haha i kept looking at dishes, pots and pans, towels in the adds . . . you KNOW your turning old when you do that. I had to stop myself though, since i have no need or apartment of my own just yet for those items, plus it'd be a hassle to ship them home, but it was fun to imagine! . .it was also fun to shop with Doug and Shell as they tried to grant the wishes on their children's Christmas Lists. They just kept buying and my tight wadded mind was freaking out inside. . but then i thought about the Christmas' with my family and the gifts my parents had given that were on my list or surprised. One year i got a snow cone machine, i think i'd mentioned getting one months before, but completely forgot about. I was in pure heaven because it was such a neat gift! Or the year i finally got an Easy Bake Oven! I knew i was rolling big that year! hahaah, but it just made me realize the immense sacrifice parents go through to make their children happy. They are very giving. Haha I kept thinking they didn't need to buy their kids that much stuff, they had everything they needed and they probably do, just like i always did and do. . .

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Carrie said...

Loved your ponderings here! Very insightful. My favorite thing about Christmas is finding the PERFECT gifts for my kids because it is so much fun to see their pure joy on Christmas morning! Love and miss you!