Sunday, January 17, 2010

Liz the Shiz!

Do you know how easy waving your hair becomes, when you french braid it the night before!?!? SO much easier! lol. . school started. :/ mixed feelins. lol it's stressful, but neccessary!
But, at least i do it with style! . . gosh i'm a darling girl!

hey, wanna see what my bedroom looks like?!? Well here ya go! . . lol i sleep on the top bunk, even tho i don't have a roommate, cuz my closet (amoire) works like a night table. And the bottom bunk is my couch. (ps i don't like when people i don't want sitting on my bed, sit on it, so they now have to climb! lol)
i have TONS of drawers to put my knick knacks in with two desks. . i think i really have something in every drawer. lol
Awe, its my cork board, with happy couples and pictures! ;)
Now, 4 the BASKETBALL PICS! . . .Welcome to the Eastern Arizona Gila (He'll-yuh) Monster Women's Basketball Team. Record 0-way too many. lol
Sasha from hawaii. Sophomore. Shooting guard. She gave a boys bball team my number, saying it was breanne's. lol
Amaris (Am-er-us). We have 2 classes together, same major (business administration) and were Visiting teaching partners.
Finally, Moose aka Kobe Bryant (i named her that) aka ivana (no one calls her that but coach, and he pronounces it wrong.)
And finally finally, Liz Sweet. Liz the Shiz. #34.
Oh hey, blondie, you wanna shoot? Okay, i'll hold 2 phoenix players back, while you do. I call it the wall. No one's getting around me, or else i'm getting a foul!
watch out little one, liz the shiz coming thru.
Oh you don't wanna make room for me?!? is that a fat joke?. .well meet my elbow.
Yup! All day baby, all day!!!!!!


B/T Frank said...

bahahahaha What do you do all day? Look at the pictures of yourself and make up commentary. I can totally see you just sitting in your dorm talking to yourself doing this post!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

all day? no, that would be my dream life. do i talk outloud? yes. try being in my head. lol

aunt fernie said...

i seriously need a road trip to come see you play! d oyou have any games the second week in feb? I am off all week! I will try and bring mel. . .

Lizzie Fizzie said...

lol yeah we play feb 10 & 13 in thatcher and then phoenix.

fa said...


Anonymous said...

what? no Breanne pictures???