Thursday, January 7, 2010

210 is HerE!

Well i made it back alive to thatcher and i didn't even miss my flight this time! lol Breanne picked me up at the Phoenix airport and we made the 3 hour drive to our deserted school! I gave her a sweet matching snakeskin purse and belt that's pattern matched my belt, purse and shoes! lol
Plus my mom graciously made her some christmas pajamas that matched mine! lol Oh to be young again!
The two Brides!!! Kels & Katie at their bridal shower! I love you girls! COngrAtS!!!!!
Sam, Mars, me and Mel at our Possey Christmas party Sam threw! It was Super fun! i love being with you girls SO much!
shalleenie, kate, jen and mel. WE shoulda been models! :) Happy 2010!


Mel said...

ahh. . . when in rome

Shalleen said...

how sweet! I love all you girls! I definitely see our potential as models... i'm considering quiting my day job. Lol.
love you all!