Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm in Miami trick!

so spring break was super amazing! we flew into fort lauderdale florida last monday night and it was really nice and warm, our room only had one bed in it so our front desk friend jr (who is really not so jr) hooked us up with a jr suite! tuesday was really nice so we rode the bus (15 min. drive, but a 1 hour bus ride) to the beach and hung out there all day.

So we went to the NCAA game U vs AZ. Sadly U lost. i think AZ was on speed or something because their defense was unreal! Anyways, we stayed for the next game and me and taryn were so bummed we just sat in silence with our huge group and pouted... that is until we spotted this mascot chillin on the floor! I busted up for a solid 20 minutes, this guy looks so weird sittin there! lol! still cracks me up.

This lil bundle of joy was one of the creepers of the trip. The beaches alternate from family groups to old people to young people, this guy apparently thought he belonged with us young spring breakers because evertime we came to the beach he was sitting with all the young folk in this exact position with that lil suit of his on. Not creepy at all right?

This was our last night, we went and had a dance party on the beach! holla!

Super windy headed to Miami (30 minute drive on the freeways). In downtown miami its super sketchy, they make all the lights flash yellow at night so you dont have to stop because if you stop you will get jumped.

Me and taryn went swimming all day wednesday because it was raining so bad. Im not complaining though because a university baseball team joined the two of us in the pool and we all played with kids toys for hours on end!

These guys are haleys friends that live in slc but happened to be there that day with a car! it was so nice of them to drive us home from the beach in the pouring rain on tuesday. they had a rental sebring convertable but the top didnt work so we drove with it down all everywhere. you shoulda seen the look on the toll booth ladies face on the freeway coming back from miami at 3 in the morning. she thought we were complete idiots.

Me and taryn walked to the gas station to get our beloved DP (only $1 for any size you want! bonus!) and this is how haley found us 45 minutes later. you shoulda seen it, there was the weirdest bird walkin around it was seriously half duck half chicken! picture a ducks body with chicken feet and those weird red things that hang off of chicken faces. freaky.

Leaving the swap shop at 5 in the afternoon we found to be a horrible idea. the busses were so full they wouldnt stop to pick anyone up, so we ended up walked the 5 miles back to the hotel, but we made a stop at this lovely park because i saw a turtle! turned out it was dead. . . but at least everything else there was pretty!

Taryn always makes me take really embarrasing photos and this was one of them. this was at the pirate bar/creepy back alley way with weird pirate statues and garbage everywhere. pretty classy place. obviously. 

Well that is only a slice of our adventures in fort lauderdale. Sometime i will have to tell you guys about the bahama boys and the sketchy guy that stalked us and club Ink and the mormon possey. But until then, love you guys! (i finally got my tan on hallelujua) 


you know who... said...

greaat update mel- i wonder what has happened to the rest of the possey?? can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip-- totally jealous that i am sooo white!!

Rose said...

Sounds like an awesome time (except for the 5 mile trek). Glad you're back safe!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

hahahah! i'm super impressed u walked 5 miles 2 ur hotel! record? dude ur trip looks friggin awesome! haha, i made the mascot pic huge! haha, i can see why u were busting! How does Taryn get u to take all those pics? lol, i loved the rain & broken convertible top! makes life more interesting! lol