Monday, March 16, 2009

19th GanstA!!

I got back from spring break yesterday, after 6 hours in the car and i found a decorated room from chels and my roomie!
It was cute! And i finally got my birthday cards & packages! lol Thanks everybody!

lol, they gave me cookies, cuz they always let donald eat mine when i'm not around and then a hannah montana & will turner puzzle! wahoo!
Friday i we went to vegas, but i had them drop me off at my aunt marsha's house! I got to hang out with michah, bridget, and marsha! it was a lot of fun and way better than going to the strip!
Wednesday we drove up to the Grand Canyon! it was way cool & pretty! it's only A 4 mile hike to the bottom! i wanna do it one day soon!
Me and Breanne!
This is Brandon, lol we haggled each other so much this week, it's like a brother/sister relationship, it's pretty funny!
Me in Breanne's kitchen
My birthday cake breanne made for me! The old lady behind the cake is Grandma Alice! lol, i celebrated my birthday with my new (breanne's) family, it was nice!
lol, this is my wedding invitation i sent the white family! my aunt and cousin thought it was forreal! lol HECK NO!!!! . . but i mean if bubba wanted to, i'd double think it, yeah.


Rose said...

He couldn't even take his glove off for a wedding pic! I'm glad you didn't go through with it! haha

fern said...

CONGRATS on the nuptuals!! looks like you had a fun b-day! love ya

B/T Frank said...

lol Yea mom said there were a few freak outs when that card got there and got opened! Too Funny!

Mel said...

HAHA!! you and bubba will have beautiful beautiful babies, i cant wait!

Lizzie Fizzie said...

lol yes, yes we will. . i'm just gonna have 2 get becka (girlfriend w/ promise ring) out of the picture.

kelsie said...

Dude.. can't believe you are getting married and you didn't even tell me! :) Ps... you look hot in your wedding pic! I agree wih Mel... you guys will have hot babies! I bet you could take his girlfriend... and if not, I got your back! :)