Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Time Sunshine 2011

There's been a lot of exciting happenings this summer in my life. Because i suck at uploading pictures we're working from most recent to latest. . . but as usual, let's start out with a pic of me. I got bangs this summer. . and i've trimmed them up once.

I moved to Independence, MO to do a business internship with my school with 14 other ppl. I ended up being the manager of a specialty hot dog restaurant. And i cant' wait to come home. I've learned so much in so many different aspects and met some wonderful people. This is a lot of the Singles Branch i go to, at a YSA dance we had. Polynesian, just the way i like it.

I met some hilarious and awesome people, who were only in my life for a short time. Like Adam

And Vise, who's headed on a mission to Florida next week.

I met Spawnbreezie and Big Steve. . (steven's in my ward) He's a big Polynesian/Reggae singer from Independence.

I went to Liberty Jail with my friend Jeremy. . who's serving in Alaska now.

I went to my first MLB game (in box seats) thanks to my employers. These are the other interns i work with.

I lived with 5 other girls in a house. We had a good time together. 3 of them spoke Spanish, so we kinda worked on mine. Not a lot tho.

I met a BUNCH of wonderful sister missionaries, serving at the Visitors Center in Independence. They taught me so much and brought peace and happiness to my life.

My best friend Natalie Belka left to serve in the Winter Quarters Mission.

I got to go home for a few weeks and see all of my amazing, best friends, whom i love dearly. . .and Zack Nordfelt left to Mexico. (we're gonna teach our kids Spanish).

I saw my White cousins and had a wonderful time visiting with all of them.

I saw my little brother after a few months apart. Six to be exact.

I went through the temple and got to go with my siblings. Awesome.

I got my MISSION CALL to serve in the Resistencia Argentina Mission. I report September 28.

My parents came and picked me up from Graceland. We went to Nauvoo together.

And Carthage Jail. Amazing.

It's been a wonderful summer. . . and i can't wait to come home for 5-6 more weeks and play with my family and friends, while preparing to leave and serve the people of Argentina.


Fern said...

Awesome update!!!! Can't wait for your next adventure!!

B/T Frank said...

You didn't see your favorite sister or your favorite neices or nephews at all?

Lizzie Fizzie said...

uhhhh. . not on my camera. . lol