Sunday, September 26, 2010

Adam-Ondi-Ahman and Far West!!!!

Today after church we went to Adam-Ondi-Ahman. I drove with Bro and Sis Graves. He is one of the counselors in our Bishopric and she is in the RS presidency. This weekend i stayed with his sisters. Above is Far West, a settlement in Missouri where pioneers had a town of 5,000 people, what is left is the Far West Temple site, that has 4 corners of the laid foundation that the pioneers did during the night, since they were constantly persecuted. They finally had to leave Far West as they headed to Nauvoo. . . This is one of the cornerstones.
Me in front of the sign!
This is me in front of the Far West monument thingy. It has scriptures and revelations, mostly from D&C. It's at the far end of the Temple ground.
But first we went to Adam-Ondi-Ahman!!! This is the big area, where we met. My ward members are viewed here.
This is me, with the low lands of Adam-Ondi-Ahman in the background. Much of the 1,000 or so acres are rented off to farmers to farm the land. . or so Bro Grave's thinks. The saints will be called here when God comes again. That's gonna be interesting. Lol Adam and Eve came here after they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, which is in Missouri, more south.
Missouri and Iowa is Midwest, spaced out areas of beautiful farmland and greeness. It's been a wet season, so it's just beautiful here! Even the cities seem more spaced out. It's a neat place to live and be around, but if i were to live here forever my husband better be one sexy beast, and my neighbors better be a lot of fun!!! Hahah but the blue sky, shining sun and growth at Adam-- was beautiful here.
Some corn fields in Adam-Ondi-Ahman, which means Adam (Man) Ondi (around or about) Ahman (God).
This sign explained how Saints had bought land on Adam-Ondi-Ahman and Joseph Smith came to the land and realized where and what it was. They found remains of a tower, used in Adam's time. As well as 3 altars laid on a hill, which were Native America (Nephite) altars, under which there was a burial place of Nephite people. . . farther to this point was a town called Spring Hill, where the Saints mapped out a town to build, like Salt Lake's in a grid like fashion, but the town was never built, because the mobs forced them out. Although there were people that lived in this area and a ward established. Like 1,500 people lived in Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Lyman Wight was one of the first to build his log cabin there, just below our field we met at.
This is, Tower Hill i think they called it, if it's called anything. Where they found the altars and bodies.
And this is me and the sign of entrance to this Holy Land. What a neat experience to travel here with my fellow Saints and see this land. As i looked over the low lands of corn fields i tried to imagine looking at it as if i were a pioneer (which wasn't hard, since it's country land everywhere) but the world was a very different place. I'm grateful for my Pioneer ancestors and my forefathers to carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this land and eventually to Zion. We are so lucky to have been raised in the shadow of the Church's Headquarters. What a neat opportunity to grow and learn and be blessed by the temples, church's and gospel teachings so close and easily accesible! I have grown to love the Salt Lake Valley even more! I'm excited to travel to Liberty Jail soon, in Liberty, MO and Nauvoo soon! I'm grateful for the gospel in my life and the peace it brings in my life.
The other night i wondered, what if the gospel isn't true. What would i do? And i've had these thoughts before and i realized, even if there was nothing behind it all (which i know there is, but i'm just saying) that i would still want to be part of a religion that teaches us to be like the kindest person that ever walked this earth. To live a life of service, of hardwork, of honesty and morals. . . there's nothing wrong with living a life like that, a life that i'm proud to tell my mom what i did at the end of a late friday night, a life where i am encouraged by my prophet to look after the widows in my ward and not judge others, and lovingly encouraged to fix my many weaknesses. . . but they're are too many tender mercy's and confirmations of my heart where i feel the love of my Savior and the peace of the Holy Spirit to deny that the Lord God lives and is aware of my being and that there is life after death and i look forward to dwelling with my Heavenly Family again someday.


Carrie said...

Ggggggrrrreeeeaaaattttt update! I've had the exact same thoughts as you in your closing paragraph. I know, without a shadow of doubt, this church is true--but for those who aren't sure...the principles we are taught are nothing but Christ-like. They bring light and goodness into our life and I'm so happy to belong here! It's hard for me to imagine why somebody wouldn't want to be part of it!

Love the history you provided and I'm so excited for you that you get to have such awesome experiences back in the midwest!

fern said...

fab update darlin! i don't know all that much about the area- tell us more!!

B/T Frank said...

Sexy beast husband huh?!

leen said...

you are BEAUTIFUL! and so strong!... love ya hun!

Rose said...

Nicely said. You go girl!
btw: when you go to Liberty Jail, the guy sitting on the ground with his hat covering his face is suppose to represent your 5great grandfather, Caleb Baldwin. When I took my boys there, I felt quite a connection there. I felt his presence in the temple once. I'll tell you about it sometime. Grandpa Baldwin lived in Far West and also in Nauvoo (In John Taylor's Ward). If you go to Nauvoo again, let me know and I'll look up the street he lived on and you can go there.