Friday, November 13, 2009

Update 4rm Thatcherita!

So for Halloween this year, b and i decided to be "black boys." lol, and we were going FULL OUT! So we had our hair braided by this girl. Then we borrowed LEGIT clothes from actualy football boys.
We even wore wave caps and cologne. lol We sagged our pants and had chains. We went to the football game and people thought we were actual boys. it was SO funny! Moose was a lumberjack.
Bre and i, still looking cute dressed as boys!
i looked like a fat white boy. lol and the jacket's actually mine. hhaha!
It was pretty cold here for a few days. . like it hit the 50's! (I've turned into such a softy weather wise!) So we were tramping around in sweats!!! . . this was one day after classes. lol B, Moose and i all have our own rooms right by each other, so we play a lot.
a few weeks ago, marcia mcclure, (My FAVORITE AUTHOR) was in thatcher to meet fans! So i went and met her! Loved her, we're now friends on facebook!
Last week we made the 10 hour drive to Midland, TX for a 3 game tournament. I did really well, which was good for my self-image for ball, i had 29 pts thru the three games and saw the potential in our team! This is B and i at that italian fast food place, that's by walmart on 5600 west. Can't think of the name.
These are some of my teammates. L-R Amaris, Aleisha, Sasha, Madie, camera girl and croatia in the purple sweats.
THE TEAM! . . . our season starts this coming with Mesa Community College at our house! I'm done with my classes for the day and i'm just chillin! I only have 35 more days till i come home for a short christmas break! I'm listening to christmas songs right now on fm 100 online, Love it! I think i'll take a nap or read a book!


Rose said...

I can't believe anyone thought you were a boy with that cute face!

fern said...

cool update- you are lookin 'chill'

Mel said...


Lizzie Fizzie said...

FaZOLies!!!! THank you! i knew i could count on you! lol